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Build a vats eye thing as apparel and disable vats unless player is wearing eyepiece power scouter vats module?

I know this is a big change and everybody may hate the idea but I felt there was untapped immersion and realism possible and it just seemed odd for a non robot to do vats. The cargo one with all the luggage maybe it can be bought from a specific trader and act as a walking cargo hold with insane cargo capacity like thousands.

What large-scale settlement projects. If all living things went hostile tomorrow you would run into more of us than anything right?

The wasteland outside of cities should be stocked with ghouls ghouls should be a constant menace in the wasteland forcing the player to use more tactics while moving in the open in the early game there presence may be hedged in the late game by the presence of such powerful factions but they still remain a persistent growing threat to humanity. I felt the institute needed a master plan to go with their synth project, I mean a better plan than "building the perfect machine".

The first 2 generations provide the institute with slaves and soldiers - same weapons. They are cutting edge right? The institute is afraid of the surface but feels it is their destiny to control the way civilization is rebuilt so in their arrogance they start by re-designing man. This chip also facilitates a service the railroad can provide the escaped synths by removing the chip and giving them true freedom. So I got a mod that changed the projectile of the institute rifle to the alien blaster one and it felt way cooler to be shooting a copy of alien tech than just a blue laser rifle.

Then I started thinking about that memory den pod thing seemed out of place. What if it was recovered from a ufo? When the institute became aware of the technology they were able to procure their own and it turned out the pod was used by aliens to encode their brainwaves and communicate with a hivemind on their home planet x million light-years away, and the institute hoped they could use the pod to extend lifespans exponentially by copying their mind into synth clones of themselves.

Ok here really goes nothing. It was stored under ground before the war. Where did it come from? Right now they are like buff raiders with creepy decorations and terrible dialogue. This guy can have his bag targeted at range and the secondaries will kill the whole pack this one will always accompany packs when close its best to just headshot. I always thought big foot was a released govt experiment seems plausible. Gain exp, legendary drops and special thing for completing x quest.

Good idea bad idea? There are already synth settlers that are indistinguishable from regular ones, just need more of them and they should be shown as victims of raider violence, like finding dead settlers in raider camps with synth components and prejudice from other settlers when suspected like verbal harassment.

So the story remains pretty much the same until you enter the institute where you meet synth Shaun and real Shaun who is suffering from very early stage brain cancer he explains why they make synths. I liked the idea of the railroad and minutemen both contributing to one of the endings but why not include the brotherhood? If you stick with the institute long enough you will be sent on a quest to clear out a general atomics factory so that it can be re-purposed for mass production of the robo synths so urban areas can be occupied and patrolled in their words to keep the peace and end the violence against synths.

I hate wandering into enemies, so I end up spamming the q button then exiting vats this has a really useful end result of having your characters direction changed to be facing the enemy then you can scope and kill. For instance when you come across an enemy or one wanders into line of sight you will have a vats style slow mo effect triggered and the players camera will be re focused in the enemies direction after a second the player is released and free to enter vats manually aim and attack sneak closer for a better shot or evade all together.

So the idea is random encounters will draw your attention automatically and the range will depend on your stats, this will allow tactical players to approach enemies way more carefully.

Again its optional in my vision and you can also be prompted too enter vats while the slomo effect is happening, or if your quick enough you can draw your weapon and prolong the slomo effect for as long as ap holds out just like having the drop on somebody. It should also have a cool down time to prevent multiple slo mo effects when encountering groups who enter l. Now you have a better reason to take down the institute to prevent an army of clones and terminators from surpassing humanity allowing their mad scientist creators to control the destiny of the planet.

Why end the game sided with them? Well I assumed joining the institute would benefit the settlers under my jurisdiction with some of that high technology - I mean we are allies right?

How would this work? In survival mode food water and rest become necessary, but rather than stat bars that tick down how about a rule of thumb to eat sleep once a day and drink twice - neglecting to do so will trigger an inner dialogue like I need to eat soon, I need a drink. Maybe the doctor can put on a cast that can be removed by doctor in xx days. Also while sleeping in areas with enemies near by you may be awoken abruptly if an enemy enters your sleep perception range like you heard a noise and maybe if hidden well you can choose to continue resting in hopes the enemy just passes by based on luck maybe.

I would rather he be found " dead" when raiding the institute or after returning from your last mission. Maybe a hover button, but definitely want forward flight for jet packs, they did it way back in San Andreas! Just pivot the two outside nozzles.

I imagined a flashback mission where a group of u. If the alien institute connection in my vision of fallout catches on then I would like to see a mission where some of those giant radars at the listening post are used to signal aliens and request a fresh uncontaminated sample of fev or something. Freaking let the player sling or holster the weapon. I saw this in a promo video was it too hard?

Is it too much to ask that the player puts food and drink to their face the way they inject stimpacks. I really do love the game - maybe too much. PoliteRaider 05 Mar Asking this much all at once in a very long post is going to probably discourage most modders from taking a long look at this or knowing where they would even begin in creating a mod for you. Have you considered whether there are smaller requests you might make to help bring about something that would improve your gameplay experience?

Alternatively since you have very specific tastes and ideas, have you considered learning modding to be able to implement your vision in the game. TeamBacon 05 Mar I would edit weapons txt files to add things like a fully functional targeting pod to the f35 in bf2 this came from a desire to exploit the lgb from mods like naw and aix.

MLeonhardt 06 Mar I would suggest actually reading up on the Lore of the series. Документальный фильм - Драконовы девушки.

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Специалист - консультант " по ЗУП. Ответы на билеты к экзамену 1С ЗУП специалист консультант, как проводится экзамен - регламент сертификации. Специалист - консультант по прикладным решениям " 1С: Предприятие 8" средства программы для решения специфических задач пользователя.

Сборник задач для подготовки к экзамену " 1С: Специалист - консультант " по внедрению прикладного решения " 1С: Бухгалтерия 8" - В данном сборнике. The Apostle by Sholem Asch. The Forest and the Fort by Hervey Allen. The Human Comedy by William Saroyan. Hungry Hill by Daphne du Maurier. Parkington by Louis Bromfield. So Little Time by John P.

The Valley of Decision by Marcia Davenport. A Bell for Adano by John Hersey. Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor. The Green Years by A.

Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith. The Black Rose by Thomas B. Captain from Castile by Samuel Shellabarger. Cass Timberlane by Sinclair Lewis. Earth and High Heaven by Gwethalyn Graham. Immortal Wife by Irving Stone. So Well Remembered by James Hilton. Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque. The Foxes of Harrow by Frank Yerby.

The Hucksters by Frederic Wakeman. The Miracle of the Bells by Russell Janney. This Side of Innocence by Taylor Caldwell. House Divided by Ben Ames Williams. Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis. Lydia Bailey by Kenneth Roberts. The Moneyman by Thomas B. Prince of Foxes by Samuel Shellabarger. The Vixens by Frank Yerby. The Wayward Bus by John Steinbeck.

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Firestarter by Stephen King. The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett. Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz. Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon.

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In he met the love of his life, Joanna, and emmigrated to the UK. In they married and in he started his own business. He loves spending time with friends and, most of all, being with his wife.

For press inquiries regarding Ghost Boy , please contact Tiffany Sawyer at tiffany. Or did I only convince myself that I was attracted to her, in order to tell myself I was still straight.

Those looks he had been shooting my way I felt like he might try something, maybe hit on me or something, if he thought he had a shot, and he got between me and Josh. When did I change? When did I accept begin gay? Josh just rushed it out of me.

Why did Josh bring me into this? Why did he have to be like this. Why did I have to meet him, free 6 xxx pics and turn my life completely upside down.

Josh was supposed to be different. Now he was just like everyone else. He only wanted me because he liked the way I looked.

With trembling hands, still fighting to hold back any emotion, I flipped open my wallet. And the very first picture I saw in my photo album was of me and Jen. I remembered that picture like it was yesterday. The massive arena crowd was still roaring audibly as the motocross racers were revving their engines behind their prospective fences at the center of the arena. The crowd was still gasping out loud as the start of the race neared.

I glanced across from our seat in the stands at the large digital clock over the Budweiser-sponsored Jumbo Vision, and it was counting down another four minutes until the race. She pushed back a strand of her jet black hair behind her ear as she looked up at me, and I smiled in appreciation. I was so glad she decided to come with me. She looked so adorable in my oversized dark gray UW sweatshirt, one arm entangled in mine, the other clutching a half empty root beer ThirstBuster.

I think I shivered in happiness. My eyes melted into her beautiful brown ones and I leaned in for a quick little peck on the 15 inch cox sex lips. He was wearing a beer guzzlers cap, or whatever it is, with the pipes and the beer cans attached to the helmet, and a sponsored motorcycle brand T shirt over his denim jacket.

On the other side of him sat Sunny, his pretty, platinum blond girlfriend. She looked across Andy at me and rolled her eyes. Over the loudspeaker, 60s free nude a voice called out, "With less than four minutes to go, would everyone please stand for our national anthem. Her eyes were so beautiful, so open; I wanted to drown in those dark brown pools. My heart literally started racing as the song ended with that final, long note, and then everyone began cheering, setting off noisemakers and whistling.

Everyone was hugging everyone else and clapping, Andy and Sunny were whistling wildly, so I took the opportunity and hugged my Jenny-bunny so tight. I held my arms around her dainty shoulders, and kissed her softly at the part of her neck that met her ear, loving the taste of the soft beautiful flesh. And as I reflected on all the rushing feelings I felt whenever I was around her, I leaned in close and whispered softly in her ear, "I love you. I had never felt more happy than I had that night, I hugged her so tight and so close, and we just held each other, crying into each others shoulders and slowly, lovingly swayed our bodies together.

We missed the starting gate and the race was on, but I had already won. And I realized to my dismay that I had no pictures of Josh. I had no indication of my ties to him, whatsoever, whereas my wallet was full of thousands of memories of the past year, which is probably the last time I cleaned out my wallet. Was this some sort of sign? It was so selfish. Maybe he realized that, and was giving up on trying to make it work between us, when the deck was so heavily stacked against us. I pulled out a plastic gray card from the back of my billfold, and turned it over in my hand.

The card gave me a list of access numbers that I needed to dial if I was calling from outside the country. The United States was listed as My hand seemed to automatically flip open my phone. My tears gone, and that picture of Jen still burning in my mind, I slowly dialed the number.

My finger hovered over the one key. Come on you fucking pussy. What kind of boyfriend uses "I love you" as an excuse to get Josh into bed? The dial tone was ringing now. I had never doubted myself then. I knew the message by heart.

I disconnected the call I was making, and I decided that no matter how much he pleaded and begged and cried, I was going to tell him that I needed to sort shit out, and that nothing he could stay would stop me. I was going back home. I had enjoyed my time, and my feelings were still strong for him, but this was all too much for me.

My thoughts weighing down my shoulders so that I slumped like a gargoyle, I pulled open the door, my phone still in my hand, and there he was, looking haggard and disheveled, as if he had spent the last few hours looking for me. He held out his arms for me, looking so comforting and open It would have been an easy way to find out where you were.

You were just about to get the hell out of here, and he shows up at the last minute and you just hug him like nothing happened? Bull shit, Reiter, grow some balls. His entire expression looked crushed, his eyes boring into me, his expression curious. I avoided looking into his eyes.

They were a trap, I knew that I got weak as soon as I looked into his damn eyes. I shifted weight onto my other leg as I leaned into the doorway. I have some stuff to do," I said as my shoulder leaned into the door jam, crossing my arms over my chest.

We were silent for a moment. I looked at the posh white carpeted floor of the hallway. I refused to say anything. I had to maintain an irongrip on my feelings, and I had to push down everything I felt for Josh, or thought I felt, deep into myself, 12y porn in a tiny little box, and lock it up tight.

I was not going to spend a week moping and whining at the loss like some pathetic high school girl, I was just going to pretend that Josh meant nothing to me. That his coldness tonight was but the tip of an iceberg of resentment and callous behavior that I would grow tired of sooner or later. I tried to tell myself that Josh never really loved me, he was just saying that for his own protection, so that he could validate his orientation for himself.

But as much as I pushed to maintain the cold silence between us, I could feel this iron gripped tightness in my chest, as I struggled to hold everything inside. It was like someone had taken my heart and tied it into a heavy knot, and with each silent second, it got tighter and tighter I started at the bottoms of his feet. His scuffed black boots were stained dark with splatters of mud and sand.

The cuffs to his khaki pants had dried traces of mud and a dampness to it 14 yr old girl that seemed like he had been trudging through water. The crease continued to his baby blue button down, the bottom portion that had been tucked into his pants now wrinkled. His hands, those sweet, caressing little hands, were tightened into tight little fists, and shaking slightly from nerves.

His buttoned shirt actually seemed to be moving to his heartbeat, as if it were so strong it was completely outside of him. That strong, athletically corded neck, with that strand of brown leather over the collar bone that he wore sometimes.

When God created light, he saved a little bit anal auditions 6 to put into those crystalline blue jewels. I had to bite me 90 gal lady palm lip to prevent myself from losing it right in front of him. Please stop staring at me like that Josh, you make me all light headed. It will only take a second, and after that you can I closed my eyes to prevent it. And he had to use that little pleading voice too.

My eyes traveled to the bottoms of his pant legs, which appeared to be stained with dried splashes of mud and sand, a persistent wet spot soaking through to the back of his left calf. Use your phone, right now. I slipped my phone into my pocket as I started to follow him. Josh held the gilded gold doors open for me, and we silently rode the way down. To avoid looking at him and completely losing it, I concentrated on the intricately carved old-fashioned metal elevator hand, that slowly moved down to the iron gray letter "L".

When we reached the ground floor, Josh was the first one out. Let him get out, stay in the elevator, and head straight back to your room. I stepped out of the elevator, and we walked through the lobby, making a right at the front desk to head outside. We followed a cement path lit with small blue glass garden lights in iron panes, that splashed light onto the topiary and tropical ferns and flowers that made up the path that led down to the beach.

Cancun was still up and awake, because there was still a few parties around some campfires down at the far end of the beach, even at three in the morning, but it was a lot quieter outside the hotel. A cool breeze waved over us, stinging my bare skin and flapping his shirt open, revealing the crisp white beater underneath and healthy bronzed skin. I looked out to the calming sea to avoid looking at him. We were silent for a long time.

The pain, and the crushing weight, like a wave of water, of trying to be happy? I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, my hand in my pocket still fingering my phone.

We waited a while longer. I felt myself being locked into this gaze.