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With many photographs and examples from film and popular culture, this is a companion volume to Destiny. The latest volume in the popular trilogy of books about women, poverty, and violence. Delacorte Press Format Available: Alexander Masters tripped over his first book subject on a Cambridge sidewalk, and the result was the multi-award-winning bestseller Stuart: Simon is exploring a theoretical puzzle so complex and critical to our understanding of the universe that it is known as the Monster.

It looks like a sudoku table—except a sudoku table has nine columns of numbers. The Monster has columns. Why does he hurtle out of the house in the middle of the night? Grumpy, poignant, comical—more intimate than either the author or his quarry intended—Simon: The Genius in My Basement is the story of a friendship and a pursuit. From the Hardcover edition.

He often shares an intriguing perspective on his profession, as evidenced in sometimes controversial interviews. Cumberbatch consistently is a top name on lists ranging from sex appeal to global influence. It is not, in synopsis at any rate, an easy one to sell.

I have already droned on about it to a couple of friends and, although they appeared to be smiling at me attentively, I caught in their eyes a kind of bored panic. Still, one of the several achievements of Stuart: A Life Backwards is that it leaves you feeling thoroughly ashamed of your own cynicism and thoroughly infuriated - buttingly so - by that of other people.

Mostly, I am allergic to books with even so much as a dusting of worthiness. A Life Backwards is just this: John Blake Publishing Format Available: His raw talent, edginess and ability to utterly inhabit the characters he plays have already prompted comparisons to screen legends such as Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro.

Born into an idyllic, middle-class life in the suburbs, by his teenage years Tom had grown restless and started to rebel. Bad behaviour in the form of alcoholism, drug-taking and criminal activity ensued and after a brief stint working as a model, fate intervened and he found his way onto an acting course at his local college. Having been plucked from drama school to appear in Band of Brothers, by , his addictions had got the better of him and he collapsed in Soho following a drugs binge.

Rehabilitation followed, as did a rare second chance at hitting the big time. Since then, he has earned himself a reputation as a shape-shifting actor with the skill to slip effortlessly in and out of contrasting characters such as Eames in blockbusters Inception and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. This affectionate and in-depth biography reveals the actor and the life that has shaped him into the star he has become. It explores his wayward youth, his drama school years, his burnout and his complex route to eventual success.

Monarch Books Format Available: Krish draws us into the stories and demonstrates how similar we are to those in the first century who came to meet Jesus. The book starts by looking at the lifeswap Jesus chose as he left his life in heaven. Lifeswap happens to a puzzled religious expert who has to examine the cost of a brand new start. Lifeswap happens to an excluded foreigner who meets Jesus at the well and learns that emptiness can be swapped for fulfilment.

When Jesus is involved he turns our expectations upside down. Their business may have collapsed. Their daughter has been killed in a car crash. When Stuart was first discovered, Kaspar Hauser-like, crouched on the lowest subterranean floor of a multi-storey car park, the regular homeless wanted nothing to do with him.

What unites the chaotic is the confusion of their days. Cause and effect are not connected in the usual way. Beyond their own governance, let alone within grasps of ours, they are constantly on the brink of raring up or breaking down.

Charity staff fuss especially hard over these people because they are the worst face of homelessness and, when not the most hateful, the most pitiable extremity of street life. Two years ago, Stuart was living out of skips.