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For manual configuration of the DLS server address see section 3. Define a new vendor class with the name OptiIpPhone and enter a description of this class. Click OK to apply the changes.

The new vendor class now appears in the list. Exit the window with Close. Enter the following data for the new option: Startup Quick Start Enter the value for this option.

Activate the check boxes for the options that you want to assign to the scope in the exam- ple, and Two tags are required: The subscriber number can be 1 to 24 characters long, and is used as the internal telephone number. For access via the local phone menu, see the following; for access using the web in- terface, please refer to section 2. Access via Local Phone The data entered in input fields is parsed and controlled by the phone. For using the TouchGuide, see the following figure: Press the key briefly: Press the key to enter the number editor.

Within the number editor, solely use the key numbers or the Sensor Wheel for selecting numbers, characters, or groups of characters. This is the default configuration.

Afterwards, the IP configuration mode dialog opens. After- wards, click Submit. In the case of low drop level, packets are buffered over an extended period in the case of high drop level, packets are promptly rejected if they cannot be forwarded. The default is "Yes". If the value was assigned by DHCP, it can only be read. For some features and functions of the OpenStage phone, it is necessary to configure the DNS domain the phone belongs to, as well as the nameservers needed for DNS resolving.

IP address of the primary DNS server. IP address of the secondary DNS server. Amongst the most important features are: For this purpose, the phone must be logged on at the system. The value is the same as the "Globid" parameter in the HiPath resp.

The System type is provided by the system the phone is connected to and therefore read-only. The settings are analogous to those for the main system see section 3. If Small remote side redundancy is activated, the phone willl switch over to the standby HFA server in case the connection to the main server ist lost. By default, this is disabled. When Auto switch back is activated, the phone will switch back to the main server as soon as the connection is re-established.

If a user dials this number, and an appropriate LIN see section 3. In the USA, the number is The timeout may be helpful in case a user does a long press on a line key unintentionally, and thereby invokes the key configuration menu.

Backlight timeout hours V1R3 , the display backlight is switched off. The length of this timespan ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours. The default value is 3. Area with common start and end date for daylight saving time. List of initial digits of all possible extensions in the local enterprise network. When a call number could not be matched as a public network number, the phone checks if it is part of the local enterprise network. This is done by com- paring the first digit of the call number to the value s given here.

The transferable user data comprises the following: HiPath When the user logs on to phone B, phone A is in "cancel mobility" state. This means that the user, or someone else, can trigger a restore of the initial user at phone A. Do not disconnect the phone from the LAN or power unit during software update. Alter- natively, the download can be triggered from the web interface or from the Local phone menu. When the download has been successful, the phone will restart and boot up using the new soft- ware.

Alterna- tively, the download can be triggered from the web interface or from the local phone menu. Alter- natively, the download can be triggered from the web interface or from the local phone menu.

In most cases, this will be the company logo. The ideal size is as follows: Alternatively, the download can be triggered from the web interface or from the local phone menu. It performs a slide show consist- ing of images which can be uploaded using the web interface. Path of the directory containing the files.

Custom Ringtones can be uploaded to the phone. The file size for a ringer file is limited to 1 MB. This testing tool is used exclusively by the service staff. User name and a cor- responding Password. The user name is the string in the LDAP bind request, e.

The internal struc- ture will depend on the specific corporate directory. The RTP base port number defines the starting point from which the phone will count up when negotiating. The default value is The OpenStage phone provides the codecs G. When an HFA connec- tion is established between two endpoints, the phones negotiate the codec to be used.

The re- sult of the negotiation is based on the general availability and ranking assigned to each codec. The technologies commonly used in web applications can be used: The relative path refers to the root directory for documents on the web serv- er. Number of the port that the server uses to provide the application or XML document. First, the proxy itself must be configured. Please ensure to select the desired application before changing the parameters. They have to be confirmed after en- tering.

The factory setting is ""; it should be changed after the first login. For this purpose, a factory reset is necessary. Take the following steps to initiate a factory reset: On the phone, press the key to activate the administration menu the A special reset password is required for this operation. Hereby, the administrator is enabled to use the built-in Linux commands. For security reasons, this tool can only be used when a dongle key file is uploaded to the phone see section 3.

If not, an error message is displayed. The resulting files can be viewed in the WBM web pages over the Download links.

The File size bytes parameter sets the maximum file size. When the file has reached its size limit, it will be saved as old error file, and the current exception file is emptied for future messages. It is involved in the starting and stopping of services. The Easy Trace profiles provide settings for all services, or for a specific area, e. Web based management 3. When the number of lost packets exceeds this maxi- mum value during the observation interval, a report is created.

When the number of lost packets following one another ex- ceeds this maximum value during the observation interval, a report is created. The core dump will be saved to a file. By default, this function is activated. If Delete core dump is activated, the current core dump file is deleted on Submit. By default, this is not activated. This is helpful especially for long-term obser- vations with a greater number of phones.

By default, it is enabled. With firmware V2 onwards, the Bluetooth address is displayed, and the sending of vcards is supported. Number of digits in a local PSTN number e. Local enterprise node Prefix to access Nottingham numbers from within the Siemens network.

Operator codes 0, Set of numbers to access the local operators. Internal number, same node as the local phone User entry External numbers This description is based on Adobe Photoshop, but any similar graphics soft- ware can be used as well. Insert the Logo Place the logo image on the background, e.

Make sure that the background color is selected by clicking on the Background Color icon. Save the template under a suitable name, for example, ldap-template. Siemens Informa- tion and Communication Networks, Inc. The required features should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract. All other chapters provide an overview of the product and serve as a reference to assist the user in getting started.

Introduction and Important Notes Safety Information Safety Information Only service personnel and authorized specialists are permitted to work on the installation. Observe the following information: During a thunderstorm, you should not connect or remove telephone lines and PC boards.

In order to run the optiClient properly, you will need to have Internet Explorer 4. This service gives telephony packages priority over "normal" The service is installed. Upon completion of this task, you are returned to the prop- erties dialog as in Step 3 in which the QoS Packet Scheduler entry is displayed and activated: Display Click the Configure button for network card connection configuration.

Display Click OK to confirm. Finally, close the Network and Dial-up Connections dialog. Installation Configuring Location Information Configuring Location Information General Information In order to run the optiClient correctly, all your personal location information must be en- tered accurately. If these options are missing or have errors, you will not be able to correctly dial any entries from the phone book or call lists. Select the type of setup for the installation: For a custom installation, you can select a different installation folder.

If you do not want to keep the desktop shortcuts, you can remove them. The programs are still available via the Start menu. This database could likewise be saved in a directory that is available to all users, thus enabling them to access their personal phone books from any workstation. Starting the administration tool: Start the application optiClientAdmin. After starting the administration tool, select the PC settings tab.

This opens the Default values dialog box in which you can configure the following default parameters: If the license must be changed after installation, activate the Setup information tab in the administration tool. Display The current License key is read out and displayed from the Windows registry. Activate the PC Performance tab in the administration tool: Display The entries under Global settings for logged on user are global Windows settings which are valid for users logged on system-wide, i.

Press Save each time to store your input in the dialog. Activate the Quality of Service tab in the Administration Tool. Priority classes Codepoint acc. If you are logging on with a phone number for the first time, either the default set- tings will be used if configured , or you must supply the necessary information after the pro- gram starts.

Remote Access This option must be activated when Remote Access. Consequent- ly, after the logon, a corresponding message is displayed to indicate that the system settings could not be found.

Display example for optiClient office. This causes optiClient of- fice to behave as a normal telephone, i. First Steps and User Configuration Logging on 3. Display Enter the following parameters: Display The parameters correspond to those which can also be used when setting the options in the optiClient see Option Settings for the optiClient phone and Option Settings for the op- tiClient office.

Display You can activate the Update Server here and specify the folder in which software updates are made available under the field Server share name on which update versions are stored.

This returns you to the Logon dialog. Click on the menu key in optiClient phone or open the context menu in optiClient office. Then select Change password. Consequently, only the PC-specific operations and features are described in this document. This section contains the following information: Headset key Meaning Minimize optiClient Exit optiClient phone When the system is idle, the date, time, and personal telephone number are displayed. When functions are activated, function- specific information is displayed here.

When logging in with the same telephone number and with other languages, text is not reloaded. Procedure Accept call End call hang up Scroll functions Confirm function Volume control Dial directly from the clipboard; a dial prefix is not added to the clipboard contents. The following appears on the display: Telephone Settings Ring volume? You can use the arrow keys that appear in the display to scroll between the tone settings for the ring volume, ring tone or the attention ring volume.

A detailed description of telephone directory management can be found in the sec- tion Electronic Telephone Directory. Step Procedure Double-click the caption field on the key. Step Procedure Click the menu key. The optiClient phone menu appears. The current settings for periodic update checks remain unchanged. After setting up the desired options, confirm your selection with OK. Local administration rights are required for manual or automatic optiClient update.

The Options dialog appears. The parameters in other tabs can now be changed. To save the settings and to exit the dialog click on OK. This should be entered as a number of minutes. Use the Hide phone on minimized status option to decide whether the user interface is to be minimised in the system tray or on the taskbar. If no LDAP telephone directory server is available, users can only use their personal phone books.

In some cases, only a subsection of this directory structure may be appropriate for individual users as the base directory name Base DN to be searched and displayed. Name of an entry at this level: DE — Level designation 2: You now have the following options: The online help is started. Layout of the optiClient office User Interface The optiClient office user interface has the following layout: HiPath system and may differ from the range of functions depicted here.

All available windows are listed in the upper panel of the optiClient office menu. Choose the command Minimize from the context menu or the system menu of the Office You can find a detailed description of the optiClient phone book in section Electronic Telephone Directory.

The A function key is programmed for Help, and cannot be changed. To program the function keys, proceed as follows: You have a choice of the following functions: Step Procedure Open the optiClient office context menu: The Info dialog appears: Step Procedure Open the optiClient office context menu You can set the following options: Open the window in which you want to configure the speed-dial keys, and select the Speed-dial keys tab.

Press the OK dialog key to confirm your selection. The speed-dial keys are displayed in the window. As a user, a number of general and special telephony functions are available for your personal phone number, which correspond with the configuration of the HiPath system. The following special telephone functions are available via the Connection Parties Window: To scroll and confirm functions. Displays the corresponding connection status of the connected HiPath system as "active" or "inactive".

Current ACD status of the telephone number displayed with both text and color. The type, amount, and function are dependent on the status of the current call. Enter the phone number or select one from the recently dialed number list. Online Help To start the online help for the optiClient office, proceed as follows It is possible to use different user interfaces simulteanously. For information to the following topics please refer to: On dialling the phone number, the prefix needed to access an outside line for your location is then automatically read from the Windows Control Panel Telephone and Modem Options cf.

Send message View sent message US: For directed call pickup, click on the speed-dial key of the called party. Call Pickup in a Call Pickup Group You can pick up calls for telephones within a call pickup group from your telephone. This is also possible during a call. A check mark will appear. All calls will be announced with a short beep and also displayed on the screen.

The microphone is en- abled and a green dot appears in the icon. A check mark is set. Enter the number you wish to call or select it from the list box.

Display Click the Confirm button to confirm Dialing from the Connection parties window context menu: Open the context menu in the Connection Parties window and select Dial.